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For those curious about who is behind this site here is a little blurb.

I have been in the technology industry for 13~ years. During that time I have worked as an  IT Director for a medium sized company (600 desktops in 10 cities). I implemented Citrix around the time MetaFrame 1.8 was coming out and enjoyed all the pain and fun you can have deploying new technologies. I now work for a company where I get to work as a team that implements hundreds of Citrix servers every year.

My goal for this site is to be informative and update everyone on news related to Citrix, Microsoft Terminal Services and some of the vendors I have solved problems with. This is NOT a sales site. Actually, I am going to go out of my way to be objective and honest about product information and news I run across.

I consider this to be a news filter blog and a community more than a product review site. I love to follow IT related news and information and I think you might find some of the links I post of value.

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Please feel free to send me links to stories or documents that you think I might be interested in. Do not send me tech support questions. Please use the forums for that. ;-)

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