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Saturday, July 19, 2003

Microsoft Makes Almost $10 Billion In Profits

Onlineblog provides more insight into Microsoft's earnings release, but it looks like Microsoft is just rolling in the dough.

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Microsoft Store Has Some Cool New Products

If you are a Microsoft Certified Partner you have access to some really cool Microsoft branded gear. I know this is a stretch as a news item, but I am a sucker for a Microsoft Rubik's Cube.

Microsoft Certified Partners eCompanyStore

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Friday, July 18, 2003

Update: Citrix Slow Logon and Microsoft SP4

More news on the Slow Logon and Microsoft SP4 issue. Microsoft has found a regression in one of the dependency files in the Hotfix Q824309 package for the slow logon after SP4 is installed when using mapped printers. Customers can get the updated package by contacting Microsoft and referencing Q822428. (thanks Stefan)

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Researching Health Problems Via The Internet

Pew Internet and American Life always produces compelling reports on the current state of Internet usage. They have released a new report on how we research health issues online. From the site- Fully 80% of adult Internet users, or about 93 million Americans, have searched for at least one of 16 major health topics online.

I know I use the Internet for this type of research all the time, but I wonder how we might better interact with doctor's? Imagine being able to do a video conference via an IM chat session with your doctor each time you had some minor problem. Think of the time and money that might save.

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How Citrix Syncs Its PDAs

My understanding is that Citrix uses technology from Synchrologic internally to allow remote users to sync their PDAs. I am not familiar with Synchrologic, but it does look like they offer several clever ways to sync PDA data.

Discuss PDA Sync Options

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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Fewer Users Switching From Windows To Mac

As much as I want Apple to succeed, it looks like the number of users switching from PC to Mac has leveled off. The good thing is that Apple's business model is not based on world domination (that we know of).

Few customers switching from Windows

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First Exchange Server 2003 Exam Announced

Looks like you better start studying.

MCP Magazine: First Exchange Server 2003 Exam Announced

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Citrix Secure Gateway Resource Page

Check out this incredible list of CSG Resources. Doug has linked to just about every document on the subject and then some.

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Break Free From The IT Matrix

Steve Kaplan, one of my favorite Citrix authors, has written an article on the state of server-based computing. Check it out.

Break Free from the IT Matrix

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90% Of Notebooks To Bundle WiFi By 2008

The Register has an interesting article on how WiFi will be bundled with all notebooks in five years. How about two years? I would not even consider buying one without it and I bet the cost will drop to the point where it will be an automatic add-on very soon.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Automatic Flatterer

A fun page found on Tokeshi. Automatic Flatterer.

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Scripting Links

One of the best script gurus I know sent me his favorite scripting links along with some comments. (thanks Dean) - Home of KiXtart. – Graphical Logon Script Management Console and Generator. – Great editor for KiX scripting. Inexpensive as well. Nice compiler. – Creator of KIXFORMS.DLL which allows a KIX script to create a graphical interface. Combined with the KiXscripts Editor one can make their own Windows programs. - Good scripting reference. - Another good scripting reference.

Discuss Scripting In Our Forums

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Why PDF Files Suck

Jakob Neilsen has a great article on why PDF files are so hard to use. I would agree with almost everything he writes. PDF files are great for print, but terrible for online viewing.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Logon Delay After Installing Win 2000 SP4

Update- There is a fix coming from Microsoft (Q824309), but it has not been published just yet. (thanks Stefan)

This discussion thread was sent to me in regards to slow logons after installing SP4. Looks like caution should be used before updating to SP4 with Citrix. (thanks 3v1lg33k)

Logon delay after installing Win 2000 SP4

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Free Citrix eBook ends July 31st

From now through month’s end, you can download all nine chapters of this free eBook on MetaFrame XP at and have everything in one place for future reference.

Don’t wait! The Definitive Guide™ to Citrix® MetaFrame XP™ will only be available through July 31, 2003.

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Anti-Virus Poll

Please let us know how you address Anti-Virus scanning on your Citrix / Terminal Servers.

Vote Here

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Monday, July 14, 2003

Comments Go Away

I have eliminated the comments at the bottom of each post to help speed up load times. Haloscan seems to be down more than up and it really seems to slow the overall display of the page.

Until Blogger comes up with a better way, I will be posting questions to our tech forums.

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Free Cisco Wi-Fi Book Offer

This is only good in the US. Wireless Book Offer

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How To Configure Citrix MetaFrame Conferencing Manager

Doug Brown has posted his great document on how to configure the new Citrix MetaFrame Conferencing Manager software. I have yet to see anyone deploy this (even in a lab), but I do expect this to be a hot add-on to MetaFrame.

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Free Citrix CCA and CCEA Practice Exams

Citrixexperience has some simple (and free) Citrix practice exams.

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Sunday, July 13, 2003

Bill Gates Billions Help World's Neediest

Now you can feel better about paying Microsoft so much for licensing.

NY Times- Gates Aims Billions to Attack Illnesses of World's Neediest

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SkyRunner Contour Laptop Carrying Case

I have way too many laptop bags as it is, but I bought this one a few days ago and I will have to say this is by far the most functional that I have used. Each accessory pocket is actually designed to carry the stuff I have to take with me. Now if my laptop did not weigh 7lbs.

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How Hyper-Threading Affects User Capacity On Metaframe XP Servers

You need to read this updated Citrix whitepaper if you are trying to maximize the number of users you can get on a Citrix MetaFrame server.

How Hyper-Threading Affects User Capacity of Metaframe XP Servers

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